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$45 /Person

$45 /Person

Min. 1.5 Hour Reservations

Min. 1.5 Hour Reservations

Art Experiences

Art Workshops and Paint Parties

Enjoy a fun time to relax and connect. Where you can feel liberated from your routine, break the rules and be playful on the canvas.



We offer Paint Parties for Kids and Adults

We come to your party or event and bring the fun to boost your creativity and empower your artist within.


Minimum groups of 6-20

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Available for Birthday Parties, Team Building, Fundraisers and more...

- Select a date and place

- Select your group

-Choose your theme!


Some of our themes available are:

-Seasonal theme(Spring flowers-Easter, summer, autumn-Halloween, winter-Christmas)

-Kids: Unicorn, Rainbow, Superhero, wild animals, etc.

-Build a mural together, perfect for team building.

-Spirit Animal painting with spirit animal reading included

-Lotus flower, mandala, om, chakras, symbol.

-Cosmic, nature, landscape

-Paint your horouscope with Astral Reading included.

-Women's Circle intuitive painting.

-Intuitive Painting, building trust with your intuition. This is a very empowering experience!

- Customize your own.

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*No Experience Necessary


Intuitive Art Workshops

Build trust to listen to your intuition and inner guidance with this Intuitive Art Workshops.
A really unique Art Workshop in all Calgary where you can get rid of all the shoulds and woulds and really get to tap into your inner guidance.

This is an Art workshop with a great personal growth opportunity.

A life coach/artist will facilitate this class to help you get through the moments where you get stuck.

We see the canvas as a mirror of our lives because many times where we get stuck in our painting process is where we get stuck in other areas of our life.

Whether is your being a perfectionist, negative self-talk saying you're not an artist or good enough, or not feeling capable or enough. We hold your hand through all the situations that arise in the process and help you rise above them.

Rise above any situation in your life that is holding you back from the best expression of yourself and create with intention on the canvas what you want more of in your life: Peace, Joy, Clarity, Boldness, Freedom.

Here's where you free your mind from the should's, to-do's, limitations and worries.
We go to the canvas to intentionally create more of what we DO want, to then bring forward that energy into your life.


I AM the sole creator of my experience


When we paint, we free our minds into the expansive spaciousness of the blank canvas.

Raising our vibration, rising above our limited, linear, rational perspective, to connect to our soul's perspective.

This is an opportunity for you to express yourself and unleash your creative spirit!
You'll be guided on a step-by-step prompt that will give you enough freedom to express yourself on the canvas, but also enough structure to feel guided from the blank canvas to a finished painting.


This workshop is for you even if you think you don't like painting or have the talent.


No experience necessary!

Art Workshops

Intentional Art Workshop

Intuitive Art Workshops

We've had people coming out to paint for their very first time! This class helps to release stress and loose fear of the white canvas. It's a fun experience that leave you with an empowered creative burst of energy, excitement and making you feel alive.
Come here sometimes felling stressed out from work, with an emotional load from life situations or insecure from experiencing painting from the first time. After this fun night, they came out the door inspired, empowered and open to new possibilities in their painting practice and in their lives!


Make space in your life and experience the Intuitive Art Workshop where you'll feel completely free and liberated.  And let those feelings of freedom ans spaciousness pour into all the areas of your life!


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Painting Meditation Workshop

Free your mind and meditate with art!

This workshop is ideal to release the stressed mind. Often times we're recommended to do meditation to help us deal with the stresses of work and life but it can be hard to get the grip of meditation with the many distraction in life.

Whether you're a lover of meditation or have struggled with meditation in the past, then this workshop is for you.

Give the monkey mind something to do and the next thing you notice, you're in that meditative state that brings you peace, ease and makes you feel relaxed.


When you tap into that relaxed mind, you tap into a state of being where you can see the bigger picture, tap into your genius for problem solving and open your mind to new possibilities that you didn't see before.

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