School Mural in Mexico

Educational mural collaboration in a rural school in Mexico


Mural collaboration of over 20 international artist coming together to help paint this large mural for a rural school in Mexico.


Over 100 Meters long mural inviting artists from over 20 different countries to come and collaborate in this under the sky mural for a rural school in Mexico.

Murals with Impact

 Thee community murals bring great impact, not only to the school but to the community it' part of.

  • Community engagement
  • Interest on mural educational stories
  • Children involvement
  • Didactic and art expressive
  • Art immersion and exposure for students
  • School difusion for growth
  • Artistic history representation
  • Growing interest on that school and awareness
  • The awareness brought people that wanted to support it.
  • Greater meaning to education and collaboration

Women Educator in Mexican History

My collaboration was with the theme of women educator's in mexican history.
Estefania Cantaneda made a great impact in young childern education bringing kindergarden concept to the country and play to learning a chance for women to work while they kids learned with play.
Water is life, just like education.

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